in the context of the modernization
of public services


  • Opening

    Opening remarks

    Moderator: Mr. Sergiu Băieșu, Head of the / Private Law Department, Faculty of Law, MSU

    Iurie Țurcanu, Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalization

    Igor Șarov, Rector of the Moldova State University

    Constantin Rusu, Senior Public Sector Specialist, World Bank Representation in Moldova

  • Panel I

    Digitization of public services in the Republic of Moldova. Electronic identity and data security.

    Moderator: Olga Tumuruc, Director of the E-Government Agency

    Lilian Carp, Member of Parliament, President of the National Security, Defense and Public Order Commission, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

    Veronica Mihailov-Moraru, Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice

    Mircea Eșanu, Director of Public Agency Moldova

    Gheorghe Pantaz, Director Information Technology and Cyber Security Service

    Rodica Ciobanu, Head of the Public Law Department, Faculty of Law, MSU

    Daniel-Mihail Sandru, Institute of Legal Researches „Acad. Andrei Rădulescu” of the Romanian Academy

    Key subjects:

    • The legislative and regulatory framework that changes the paradigm of public service provision, according to European standards: Law on public services, Law on electronic identification and trust services.
    • The e-government infrastructure. Implementation of the "Modernization of Government Services" (MGSP) project, achievements and perspectives. The digital platforms and services created by the Electronic Government Agency.
    • Risks of the digitalization of legal documents from the perspective of data protection.
    • Digitization of public services. The transition from the traditional model of providing public services to the digital one.
    • Digital identity. Cyber security in the process of digitization of public services. Protection of personal data of natural and legal persons.
    • Tools to measure e-Governance modernization mechanisms (MSU).
  • Panel II

    Digitization of the legal deed. The electronic legal deed.

    Moderator: Aliona Cara-Rusnac, Private Law Department, Faculty of Law, MSU

    Paolo Pier Picarelli, European Young Bar Association, Italy

    Dorin Cimil, Private Law Department, Faculty of Law, MSU

    Octavian Cazac, Private Law Department, Faculty of Law, MSU

    Radu Alexandru Rizoiu, Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Law, University from Bucharest, Romania

    Radu Șerban, Judge, Bucharest, Romania

    Tatiana Mihailov, Private Law Department, Faculty of Law, MSU

    Vladimir Palamarciuc, President European Young Bar Association

    Oksana Kiriak, Privat Law Department at the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

    Christoph Schmetterer, University of Vienna, Austria

    Key subjects:

    • National, European and international regulation in the field of digitization of civil legal documents
    • Digitalization of the Company in the EU, Directive 1151/2019 (Digitalization of the Company in EU and Directive 1151/2019)
    • The impact of the digital journey on the development of modernized civil legislation
    • The EU Directive on digital contracts
    • Manifestation of the will in the electronic environment: only a problem of form or also of substance?
    • Conclusion of contracts through online platforms. Case Study
    • The impact of digital technologies on the civil law in Ukraine
    • Electronic contracts and the electronic signature requirement (including cross-border recognition of electronic signatures, evidentiary aspects in civil proceedings). International digital signature. Recognition of the electronic signature outside the borders of the Republic of Moldova.
    • Practical aspects regarding the revocation of distance contracts
  • Panel III

    Digitization of legal services - achievements and challenges

    Moderator: Sorin Dolea, lawyer, coordinator Dolea & Co

    Sebastiano Nessi, Partner Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP (International Arbitration) Geneva, Switzerland

    Ivan Philippov, Associate attorney White & Case LLPCurtis

    Decebal-Adrian Ghinoiu, external collaborator, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

    Dinu Vatamanu, Director Legal Information Resources Agency within the Ministry of Justice

    Vadim Vintilă, Lawyer, E-Governance Agency

    Lucia Popescu, Long-Term National Expert

    Malai Turturica Cristina, USAID

    Natalia Balaban, lawyer

    Key subjects:

    • Digitization in international arbitration
    • Digital skills for the provision of legal services at a distance/li>
    • Digital transmutations in (supra/trans)national civil procedure
    • Modernization of legal services through the implementation of information technologies
    • Digitization of the Bar of Lawyers from the Republic of Moldova
    • The quality and efficiency of digitized justice
    • Presentation of the project Increasing transparency, responsibilities and access to the judicial system
    • The lawyer profession in Metavers
  • Panel IV

    Electronic notarial assistance. Legal force of notarial acts in electronic format.

    Moderator: Vitalii Pistriuga, notary

    Liliana Chirtoacă, President fo the Notary Chamber Moldova

    Larry di Matteo, University of Florida, US

    Dr. Jens Bormann, President of the Notary Chamber of Germany

    Doina Rotaru, The first vice-president of the National Union of Notaries Public in Romania

    Valeriu Eșanu, notary, French Notary Council

    Ludmila Beliban-Rățoi, notary

    Denis Bejenari, notary

    Key subjects:

    • Smart Contracts (Smart contracts based on Blockchain and Fintech systems). Modern contracts.
    • National and foreign legal regulation in the matter of electronic notarial assistance.
    • Premises of electronic notarial assistance, including remote, in the Republic of Moldova. The powers of the notary liable to be exercised electronically and remotely.
    • Electronic notarial registers.
    • Circulation of notarial documents in electronic format. Legal force of notarial acts in electronic format. Digital notarial archive.